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Meet Kira

So, many of you got to hear the story of how I was saved by a chihuahua. This was through the story of lady, my friends Chihuahua, who I posted about last Tuesday. Well this is the story of my first girl, Kira.

When I decided that I was going to find my own Lady I looked for a while, because I was up in the air as to whether I wanted to get one that look like lady or one that looked like a Lucy, a childhood memory from my grandfather, who I don’t have many memories of. Lucy was a Minpin, although extremely small for a miniature pinscher. So, after weeks of searching craigslist, I found not a black and tan, but a brown and tan version of Lucy and I thought it will be an original spin on a family tale. Apparently it was hard to find a dog like lady, dear head, fawn l, a little lumpy. LOL.

It turned out this dog was only a half an hour away from a project I was working on down in Mount Vernon. I decided one day on my way there, that I would go swing by and look at the dog first. Upon finding the place, as with many of these homes that I find dogs in, it was extremely poorly taken care of. Part of a townhome development that and just got run down over the years. There was no front stoop so you literally tracked the mud into the front door. The foyer of laminate was disgusting from being covered in mud. Her name was Carmella. Upon meeting her I was very confident that she would like me because, of course, lady, who hates everybody loved me. Boy was I wrong. I got to see first hand the fury of a chihuahua. Lol This puppy tried to take my hand off literally. She wouldn’t get near me she barked and growled. All the while I could see the daughter of the owner was really upset by all this, and that she was losing her dog. I felt horrible.

I took the puppy, who was seven months old at the time around the neighborhood on a leash for the better part of an hour. They brought me in the house to try to feed her treats. I sat down on these mud covered floors to try to get her to warm up to me. She wanted absolutely no parts of it. I wondered, is this how she would react everybody that tried to see her? If so would anyone ever take her? Would she end up in the pound? I also learned that she was a little food aggressive because she had three pit bull older brothers and sisters that were bullying her out around the food bin. Finally I just told the woman, who wanted $150 for her, that all I had was hundred dollar bills. I would give her 200 for the dog and if it didn’t work out I needed to know that I could bring her back. I told her that she could keep the money either way I just wanted to make sure that the dog, Carmella was her name, was safe and happy.
Carmella was not in the car with me for more than 15 minutes, and spent the rest of the 2 hour ride home on my lap. I stopped by my project to let them know what was going on and that I would not be able to be there for the day. I walked her around with me on a leash. She was just fine it actually was very protective of me.

Upon getting her home, I realized the dog had zero discipline. LOL she was into everything. Shredding stuff, barking all over the place, not listening to her name. I called her name, Carmela so many times and she wouldn’t even act like I was in the room. I told my friend, Connie, the story of meeting her and the family and how the little girl, Kiera, was so brokenhearted, and that I would keep in touch with mom and send updated pictures so that she knew she was OK. As I said the name Kiera, Carmela popped her ears up. As mentioned the child’s name a couple more times and Carmela instantly perked up and paid attention. Connie alerted me this as I’m oblivious. Lol. I don’t like the name Carmela. But I like the name Kiera. Sure enough, Carmela thought that was what her name was. Possibly from the mom constantly calling the daughter by that name and the dog being with her all the time. I decided to rename her. I texted the mother to let her daughter know what was happening and she said that her daughter was in tears of joy knowing that the dog would forever be named after her. Later on it got shortened to Kira, probably because I’m lazy end it had too many syllables LOL

Now keep in mind, to this day, This dog does more things wrong than any five other dogs of mine combined. I can’t tell you what a gigantic pain in the butt she is. The funny thing is though, watching her do the things that she knows is wrong and come out just so confident and happy with herself, almost like she’s just so happy to be where she is and proud of her surroundings that I couldn’t possibly be upset with her. I also noticed some wonderful things about her since she’s been with me. She is no longer food aggressive. She plays but doesn’t get out of line to where she hurts any of the other dogs. (As she is the heaviest of all my pups except Georgie) I trust her even with little Harley. I also noticed that if I have two dogs that are getting into it, or a dog is randomly barking for no reason, Kira steps then takes control and settles the situation down. I don’t know how to put in words the connection o have with her. I joke about her doing everything wrong, but she is truly one amazing dog. She steals my heart every day. She was my first. My baby girl.