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About Us

Welcome to Big Guys Little's World Sanctuary. My name is Bobby Humphreys, myself and a dedicated team provide sanctuary for neglected, abandoned and abused chihuahuas.

I started this endeavor to provide sanctuary for neglected, abandoned and abused chihuahuas. It has since grown into more, whereas I now also try to provide temporary, and at times indefinite sanctuary to chihuahuas in need. If you wish to read the whole story on how Big Guys Little's World began please click here

My long-term goals include finding a unique experience for those in need across the country where they can live out their days without fear of being euthanized, kenneled or even rehomed. The only exception would be is if they are healthy enough, both physically and mentally, to undergo the latter.

We are also developing a line of dog food related health products to combat such issues as parasites, anxiety and immune strengthening through a better diet. Eventually we also hope to make much needed changes in regulations regarding shelters, craigslist and a number of other issues that require an overhaul at the very least.

Our work is possible through donations  and through the purchase of our little's products. We appreciate all of your support!

Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Be sure to also follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the antics and care we have with our little's.