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Meet Rocky!!!

Sometimes I don’t realize with all the social media, that I haven’t let everyone know what’s going on, on the page. That’s what’s happened in regards to Rocky. A friend of the page alerted me personally about his situation. She convinced his owner to surrender him, and then continued to put in the effort to get him up-to-date on vaccinations, neuter him, foster him and get him transported to me. I personally have been tagged and a part of his every move so I didn’t realize yesterday that when I started posting about getting him that most everyone had I idea what was going on.

Rocky is special. He’s physically limited. Can’t walk stairs or jump up onto things. His prior owner thought that he possibly was deformed because of his long legs and awkwardness. It looks to be more of that, even though he is long legged, he has been confined for most, if not all, of his one year of life. When he settles in, he curls into the most compact of positions that could literally fit in a shoe box. He has no hair on any elbows, knees or knuckles. He has weak hips and luxating knees. Anxiety and no real understanding how to interact with others. Humans or dogs for that matter. He is so friendly and super gentle but just so awkward. Both physically and socially.

Our friend, saw the pressure spots on him and that was enough. She convinced his former owner to sign him over and got him out of there. This has been at least a few weeks on the making to get Rocky here. Now that he’s here we can start working towards strengthening him both physically and emotionally. His future is unclear as to whether he remains here or finds his perfect forever home with one of you. I do know that it will be some time before that decision will need to be made. Right now he needs to stretch his legs and eat some food. So everyone please give Rocky a big welcome to the island. #bigguylittlesworld #myislandofmisfits #sanctuarysquad